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2 December
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Hi! I'm Amy and I love so many things! I like to read, play, watch things etc.

I generally enjoy reading classics or fantasy or sci-fi books but I'm alright with embracing newer ebooks as well 8D. My all time favourite book would probably either be Jane Eyre or Obernewtyn.

I love eating more northern asian style dishes as well as anything tasty in general. Cheese is usually just a bonus~ Favourite fruit would probably be blueberries but in case that isn't counted as a fruit it would be peaches or purple seedless grapes. My favourite treat would probably be chocolate - I prefer the ones with several different types of chocolate such as top deck (which choc on top and milk choc on the bottom)~

I'm generally open to all sorts of music however i quite dislike loud rock although soft rock is good. Asian/Nonasian? Doesn't really make a difference to me :D